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n. (obsolete spelling of deed English)


Deede or variant, may refer to:

  • , USN ships by the name "Deede"

    • , Evarts-class destroyer escort

  • LeRoy Clifford Deede, USN DFC recipient

Usage examples of "deede".

No court of law could deprive him of what had been deeded with all the legal formalities, even if his brother should change his mind and try to get back his property.

And after them Dissemblance, and SuspectMarcht in one rancke, yet an vnequall paire:For she was gentle, and of milde aspect,Courteous to all, and seeming debonaire,Goodly adorned, and exceeding faire:Yet was that all but painted, and purloynd,And her bright browes were deckt with borrowed haire:Her deedes were forged, and her words false coynd,And alwaies in her hand two clewes of silke she twynd.

From whom returning sad and comfortlesse,As on the way together we did fare,We met that villen (God from him me blesse)That cursed wight, from whom I scapt whyleare,A man of hell, that cals himselfe Despaire:Who first vs greets, and after faire areedesOf tydings strange, and of aduentures rare:So creeping close, as Snake in hidden weedes,Inquireth of our states, and of our knightly deedes.

And certes it hath oftentimes bene seene,That of the like, whose linage was vnknowne,More braue and noble knights haue raysed beene,As their victorious deedes haue often showen,Being with fame through many Nations blowen,Then those, which haue bene dandled in the lap.

Fayre Britomart saues Amoret,Duessa discord breedesTwixt Scudamour and Blandamour:Their fight and warlike deedes.

Thy name รด: soueraine Queene, thy realme and race,From this renowmed Prince deriued arre,Who mightily vpheld that royall mace,Which now thou bear'st, to thee descended farreFrom mightie kings and conquerours in warre,Thy fathers and great Grandfathers of old,Whose noble deedes aboue the Northerne starreImmortall fame for euer hath enrold.

He left three sonnes, the which in order raynd,And all their Ofspring, in their dew descents,Euen seuen hundred Princes, which maintayndWith mightie deedes their sundry gouernments.

All my delight on deedes of armes is set,To hunt out perils and aduentures hard,By sea, by land, where so they may be met,Onely for honour and for high regard,Without respect of richesse or reward.

But that bold knight, whom ye pursuing sawThat Geauntesse, is not such, as she seemed,But a faire virgin, that in martiall law,And deedes of armes aboue all Dames is deemed,And aboue many knights is eke esteemed,For her great worth.

The last day came, when all those knightes againeAssembled were their deedes of armes to shew.

Then came those sixe sad brethren, like forlorne,That whilome were (as antique fathers tell)Sixe valiant Knights, of one faire Nymphe yborne,Which did in noble deedes of armes excell,And wonned there, where now Yorke people dwell.

When all men had with full satietieOf meates and drinkes their appetites suffiz'd,To deedes of armes and proofe of cheualrieThey gan themselues addresse, full rich aguiz'd,As each one had his furnitures deuiz'd.

Deare Lady, deedes ought not be scandBy th'authors manhood, nor the doers might,But by their trueth and by the causes right:That same is it, which fought for you this day.

By this the other came in place likewise,And couching close his speare and all his powre,As bent to some malicious enterprise,He bad him stand, t'abide the bitter stoureOf his sore vengeaunce, or to make auoureOf the lewd words and deedes, which he had done:With that ran at him, as he would deuoureHis life attonce.

L Ike as the gentle hart it selfe bewrayes,In doing gentle deedes with franke delight,Euen so the baser mind it selfe displayes,In cancred malice and reuengefull spright.