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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Deductively \De*duct"ive*ly\, adv. By deduction; by way of inference; by consequence.
--Sir T. Browne. [1913 Webster] ||


adv. In a deductive manner; using deduction

Usage examples of "deductively".

The general fact to be noted here, however, is that, so far as the mind during the examination of the particular examples reaches any conclusion in an inductive lesson, it evidently applies this conclusion to some degree in the study of the further examples, or thinks deductively, even during the inductive process.

Read in the light of evolution, Conscience, in its every detail, is deductively explained.

Then, if Clara could speak to Vernon, which Laetitia would not have done for a mighty bribe, she could speak to De Craye, Laetitia thought deductively: this being the logic of untrained heads opposed to the proceeding whereby their condemnatory deduction hangs.

The Brain knew many facts about humans—observational facts, some achieved deductively and inductively, some garnered from microfilm libraries the humans had stored in the Red against the time of their return.