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Decus is a Latin word meaning "ornament". It may refer to

  • Decus et tutamen, "an ornament and a safeguard", motto on the one-pound sterling coin
  • DECUS, the Digital Equipment Computer Users' Society

Usage examples of "decus".

Cum fame canis avida in Tyrio littore projecta conchylia impressis mandibulis contudisset, illa naturaliter humorem sanguineum diffluentia ora ejus mirabili colore tinxerunt: et ut est mos hominibus occasiones repentinas ad artes ducere, talia exempla meditantes fecerunt principibus decus nobile.

Nec minimum meruere decus, veetigia Graeca Ausi deserere, et celebrare domestica facta.

  Rex ipse, verendum Miratus pueri decus et prodentia fatum Lumina, primaevas dederat gestare faretras, Laudabatque manus librantem et tela gerentem Oblitus quod noster erat Pro nescia regis Corda, feris quanto populis discrimine constet Quod Latium docet arma ducem.

Was it possible, she wondered, that the origins of creatures like Vestabule and Taverner could affect Amnion deci sion-making processes.

Our only legal authority for what we do comes from the GCES, and it is the proper business of the GCES to make deci sions about that authority.

His hopes, even his survival, depended on his ability to keep his head right now, to understand what was going on and make accurate deci sions about it.

And a fist that imposed its own deci sions on other people was only a bully, nothing more.

If she wanted her life and her son's to be any better than Nick's—or Angus'—she had to begin making deci sions of another kind.

His efforts to keep the people aboard Trumpet secret, like his unexpected deci sion to separate Sib, Ciro, and her made no obvious sense.

He also considered the runes he was deci rulers for another, hoping that somehow the Germans phering in this chamber.

What Nabinger had never Peter Nabinger was also trying to answer questions, but he been told was that in 1842 the King of Prussia had led an didn't understand the information that was appearing on expedition to Egypt that had done further work on deci the computer screen in front of him.

He then described his efforts at deci tom close by sloping off into unexplored depths.