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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Decorative art

Decorative \Dec"o*ra*tive\ (d[e^]k"[-o]*r[.a]*t[i^]v or d[e^]k"[-o]*r[asl]*t[i^]v), a. [Cf. F. d['e]coratif.] Suited to decorate or embellish; adorning. -- Dec"o*ra*tive*ness, n.

Decorative art, fine art which has for its end ornamentation, rather than the representation of objects or events.

Usage examples of "decorative art".

He gestured toward the wall and the decorative art works vanished to be replaced by an enormous cutaway view of Todos Santos in three dimensions.

There were no pictures on the walls, no flowers, no miniature trees, none of the decorative art that Mr.

It belonged to a czar, the walls of the room were covered in amber mosaics, and its supposed to be some of the most beautiful decorative art ever made.

Although the Fremcn sculptor was beset by taboos (which differed from region to region) regarding the representation of the human form, sculpture as a decorative art was developed to a high degree planet-wide.

The gong was of the usual type-six bronze discs, or inverted bowls, of graduated sizes, suspended one above the other, with the largest at the top, and quaintly colored with the deep, florid tones of Japan's ancient decorative art.

Inside, various pieces of fine and decorative art were displayed throughout the area much as they would have been in a private home.

There was none of the monotonous uniformity of decorative art, in the faces at least.