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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It was a comfortable enough room, but I didn't like the decor very much.
▪ The hotel's decor is dark and museum-like.
▪ The restaurant's decor is clean and contemporary.
▪ A club designed for clubbers, by clubbers-large and spacious with chrome minimalist decor.
▪ Ask for ideas about decor and service.
▪ Even the ridiculous decor in the Central Lobby reinforced this idealism.
▪ In both outward profile and interior decor the yacht bears a very strong resemblance to her smaller sister.
▪ Industrial-strength decor with steel shelves and cement floors, copper and glass, and greenery.
▪ Inside, it's still quite creamy and light in decor.
▪ It also is one more nail in the coffin of formal decor.
▪ The Beau Brummel Plus lounge bar with attractive Regency decor and good bar lunches.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

decor \decor\, d'ecor \d['e]cor\n. [Fr. d['e]cor, fr. d['e]corer to decorate, fr. L decorare. See decorate.]

  1. the layout, style, and furnishings of a livable interior.

    Syn: interior decoration.

  2. decoration[2].

  3. (Theater) A stage setting.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1897, from French décor (18c.), back-formation from décorer "to decorate" (14c.), from Latin decorare (see decorate). It thus duplicates Latin decor "beauty, elegance, charm, grace, ornament." Originally a theater term in English; general use is since 1926.


n. 1 The style of decoration of a room or building. 2 A stage setting; scenery; set; backdrop.


n. decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior [syn: interior decoration]

Usage examples of "decor".

The judges will go around to the various smokers and the contestants really carry on with lots of barbeque decor.

A colour television filled the fireplace and a valuable Coromandel screen completed the decor.

As their limousine pulled into line to await its turn, Kit imagined the scene at the start of the Mauve Decade when the Jerome had been modern and new, when its Eastlake decor had been the height of fashion, when its elevator, its electric lights, its hot and cold running water, its indoor plumbing, and its French chef were the talk of the town.

I shut my eyes to recall every hairy inch of carpeting, every fringe, every rococo ceiling oddment, all, all brasswork decor, firedog, switchplates, log-bucket, and doorknob.

I shut my eyes to recall every hairy inch of carpeting, every fringe, every rococo ceiling oddment, all brasswork decor, firedog, switchplates, log bucket, and doorknob.

By the way the decor was arranged, he suspected that, in any emergency, an armored steel shield would drop around Mossman while the rest of the room could be pumped full of high velocity metal fragments.

Consequently, the terminal was no bigger than the hub of Old Newfie, its decor dingy and heavily influenced by the rustic fad of a decade or so earlier.

The decor seemed appropriate in a way, because Gil the potboy had walked all the way there as slowly and distractedly as if he were in water over his head.

Tillman had torn open a finished wall and ripped up the subfloor of a carpeted room before red-tagging the California-built manufactured homes so heavily that the tags looked like part of the decor.

The decor was a shock: flashes of angry eyecatching red and orange scattered seemingly randomly across the cooler light-blue background of the walls and ceiling.

The mortuary decor leaned to wainscoting, topped with wallpaper murals showing soft mountain landscapes, forests of ever-greens with paths meandering through the woods.

My private library clashes with the rest of the leatherbound decor, but what the Hell.

The man peered at the plastic decor and Ludwig thought he could see a flicker of something in his eyes: amusement?

Anastasia flew into the fountain and proceded to glide serenely around in it as if she were part of the original decor.

Regardless of decor, both Kelsey and Schrafft made fortunes selling ordinary sandwiches and pie to a hungry public and established the lunchroom as an urban institution.