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n. (abbreviation of decontamination English) vb. (abbreviation of decontaminate English)


Decon is a New York-based creative studio. Housing production, creative, strategy and music divisions, the company creates campaigns on behalf of brands and advertising agencies.

Usage examples of "decon".

She double-bagged the monkeys, spraying each bag with bleach, and then she loaded the bags into cardboard biohazard containers-hatboxes-and sprayed them to decon them.

Quickly she stripped off her clothing, donned scrubs and a spacesuit, and ran through the decon shower into Level Four, grabbing a small biocontainment hatbox from a storage closet on her way.

Quickly he stripped off his clothing and donned scrubs and spacesuit, then hurried into the decon shower.

They've had rushed decontaminations, or no decon, or maybe not even a health check.

That city on Fuel Bin was kept deconned to zero, just in case some Master wanted to visit it.