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Anderson Luís de Souza (born 27 August 1977), known as Deco, is a retired Brazilian born- Portuguese footballer who played as an attacking midfielder or central midfielder.

Deco is one of the few players to have won the UEFA Champions League with two clubs – FC Porto in 2004 and FC Barcelona in 2006. He was named UEFA Club Footballer of the Year and UEFA Best Midfielder in Porto's Champions League-winning season and was named Man of the Match in the 2003–04 Champions League final. Deco was the first player to win the UEFA Best Midfielder Award with two clubs, Porto and Barcelona. He was awarded the 2006 FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball and the Man of the Match award in the final despite losing to Internacional.

Born and raised in Brazil, Deco received Portuguese citizenship in 2002 having completed five years of Portuguese residence, and subsequently opted to play internationally for the Portugal national football team. He earned 75 caps for them, playing at two European Championships and two World Cups, reaching the final of UEFA Euro 2004, and achieving a fourth-place finish at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Deco announced his retirement on 26 August 2013, following a hamstring injury.

Deco (disambiguation)

Deco or DECO may refer to

  • Deco, the nickname of Portuguese footballer Anderson Luís de Souza
  • DECO Cassette System, a software loader by Data East
  • DECO Online, a computer game
  • Deco Refreshments, Inc., a restaurant chain
  • Deco Vs. Deco, a DVD by the Japanese rock band Maximum the Hormone
  • Art Deco, an international art design movement from 1925 until the 1940s
  • Data East Corporation, a software company
  • Demos Commander, an orthodox file manager for Unix-like systems
  • Decompression in scuba diving slang
  • "Art Deco", a 2015 song by Lana Del Rey from the album Honeymoon

Usage examples of "deco".

Chelsea Piers, passing close to the Empire State Building and the Art Deco spire of the Chrysler Building, coming in for an easy landing along the East River, in sight of the old deadhouse at the tip of Roosevelt Island.

Wanda found her posed next to a glass-fronted etagere that was filled with Art Deco dancing girls.

One of the best was a big old Art Deco Cadillac dealership, a glass-walled flatiron of a building set in the angle of two diverging avenues.

The antiques on display were impressive to be sure, virtually acres of beautiful mahogany furniture, jade and ivory, huge crystal chandeliers, miles of Herend and Zsolnay porcelain, art deco everything, including some quite stunning jewelry.

I used her for repairing Art Deco ceramics, until she went ape with a Mauritian singer.

I took an escalator to the colonnaded lobby, an Art Deco extravaganza of white marble, blue glass, and semiabstract brushed-metal ornamentation.

On either side of the entrance were two Art Deco lamps and beside them a long, narrow, frosted window with a kind of trelliswork of metal holding in the glass.

Ralph Richardson and his ragged-ass army are fighting a perpetual war with the guys who live over the hill, and then Raymond Massey shows up in his black suit, space helmet, and Art Deco plane and announces that this confederacy of airmen, Wings Over The World, is going to restore civilization?

Romanesque aqueducts run into Art Deco penthouses run into opium dens run into Wild West saloons run into roller coasters run into small-town Carnegie libraries run into tract houses run into college lecture halls.

Deco and the girls chugged while The Commitments brought the train around for the home stretch.

James donk donk donked, the girls UUH UUH UUHed and then Deco held the mike in his hand and sang.

Age, grime, and chipped plaster diminished the Art Deco glamour but did not defeat it altogether.

This so-called parlor, the large common room of the Boneyard, was strewn with a hodgepodge of comfy Art Deco furniture.

Someone had switched on an Art Deco lamp to test the effect, and smooth golden light shimmered in the corner.

I could see where Fiona's art deco taste wouldn't be completely out of place, but I couldn't for the life of me picture these cool, elegant rooms redone in black lacquer, plastic, leather, enamel, curly maple, and chrome.