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n. (plural of deck English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: deck)

Usage examples of "decks".

On a score of decks the big guns flashed yellow and the small ones winked redly with steady mechanical precision.

It took forty minutes to get all the strike planes from flight and hangar decks into the air.

Here were the yellow decks that had launched against Pearl Harbor on that quiet Sunday morning when the Pacific lay at peace.

They had seen the yellow decks and the rising tracers and dodged the Zeros.

Her decks were a smoking shambles of ripped and twisted metal and over her up-wind side hung the lines by which part of her crew had taken to the sea.

Departing from Nukualofu just ahead of the carriers was a group of high-sided gray transports, their decks green with Marine fatigue uniforms and ringed with small landing craft hanging from their davits.

As the men came out onto her blacked-out decks, they could sense the land from the flat calm of the sea, the stealthy, silent movement of the ship as she eased along at ten to twelve knots, and the rank, wet, rotten smell of the jungle.

The two carriers, ten miles apart in the center of their circular task group formations, came around into the wind and the waiting Wildcats at ten-second intervals snarled down the decks, hopped into the air, pointed their noses sharply up and clawed for altitude.

At 5:14 the first enemy bomb ever to violate her crashed through the forward starboard corner of the after elevator, and penetrated forty-two feet through elevator well, gun gallery and three decks before its thousand pounds of TNT went off.

When the first bomb hit and went through the starboard gun gallery to explode four decks below, Powell was in the port gallery.

Then, without pausing, he walked down two decks to the chiefs quarters where the first 1,000-pounder had gone off and made sure that no life existed in the smoldering, smoke-choked darkness there.

Repair crews worked straight through for twenty-four hours after the action, isolating and repairing damage to the complex systems that the ship had to have to operate, constructing supports for weakened decks, repairing or replacing damaged machinery.

They just walked aft to look, and stood, silent or talking quietly, before the cavern three decks deep of blackened, twisted metal where their shipmates had been blasted out of their young lives.

For over a month they too flew troop support missions for the Marines, strafed landing barges, beached and at sea, searched the surrounding waters for submarines, scouted long pie-shaped sectors for approaching surface forces, and once hi a while were able to roll down hi the long precision dives they were trained for, to plant their big bombs on the decks of warships.

Strong picked up two narrow yellow decks sliding toward him far below.