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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
decimal point
▪ Forbes can apparently spout the results of all presidential elections to the nearest decimal point.
▪ The decimal point is introduced after every three digits; for example, 631.589.2 Hydroponics.
▪ The cursor is on the decimal point. 5. type 1, 056, 090.
▪ The longest number in the second column will be six characters to the left of the decimal point.
▪ WordPerfect will stop alignment at a period, just as if you entered a decimal point.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
Decimal point

Decimal \Dec"i*mal\, a. [F. d['e]cimal (cf. LL. decimalis), fr. L. decimus tenth, fr. decem ten. See Ten, and cf. Dime.] Of or pertaining to decimals; numbered or proceeding by tens; having a tenfold increase or decrease, each unit being ten times the unit next smaller; as, decimal notation; a decimal coinage.

Decimal arithmetic, the common arithmetic, in which numeration proceeds by tens.

Decimal fraction, a fraction in which the denominator is some power of 10, as 2/10, [frac25x100], and is usually not expressed, but is signified by a point placed at the left hand of the numerator, as .2, .25.

Decimal point, a dot or full stop at the left of a decimal fraction. The figures at the left of the point represent units or whole numbers, as 1.05.

decimal point

n. 1 (context arithmetic English) A point (.) used to separate the fractional part of a decimal from the whole part. 2 (context arithmetic English) A decimal mark, any symbol used to separate the fractional part of a decimal from the whole part. 3 (context proscribed English) A decimal place.

decimal point

n. the dot at the left of a decimal fraction [syn: percentage point]

Usage examples of "decimal point".

This is an irrational square root, a decimal fraction with an endless series of non-repeating digits after the decimal point.

He stuck a decimal point at the beginning of the array of zeros and ones, viewing the sequence as an infinite binary fraction that paraphrased the extraterrestrials' natural number system, the ones representing composite integers, the zeros designating primes.

Drop a decimal point or use a short cut that covers up an indeterminancy and it's just too bad.

And if that other object happens to be a ship, with its own navigational control system, then the chance of collision contains such a string of zeroes after the decimal point that no rational person should worry about it.

Waterhouse writes it down in the European style (day of the month first, then month) as 06081945, then lops off the leading zero to get 6,081,945--a pure quantity, an integer, unmarred by decimal point, rounding error, or any of the other compromises so abhorrent to number theorists.

A starship traveling within one hundred millionth of one percent of the speed of lightninety-nine percent followed by a decimal point and eight more ninesmultiplied its mass some seventy thousand times.

Add another nine after the decimal point and the spaceship multiplied its mass by a factor of approximately two hundred and twenty-four thousand.

On a slide rule such a problem takes forty seconds, most of it to get your decimal point correct.

The decimal point was still giving him trouble when we heard a rider galloping up from behind.

When I checked his results, I came across an exponent with a misplaced decimal point.