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Deccan (disambiguation)

The word Deccan refers almost exclusively to the Deccan Plateau in southern and central India. Many companies, locations and organizations are named after this plateau.

Usage examples of "deccan".

No, through Lyra rustled whispers of threat and danger, of Deccan spies searching for weaknesses, of enemies moving implacably closer.

So Deccan spies were sent to kidnap you before that danger could be realized.

Maybe, after a while, you could ravage Decca, but unless you killed every Deccan, Lyra, in the end, would be destroyed too.

The fortress, poised high above the Deccan Plain, seems impregnable, and contains a trap for its attackers.

It was already early evening, and the sun was sinking in the reddened west, but the sky was cloudless and Bappoo was anticipating the joys of a moonlit hunt across the flat Deccan Plain.

The pursuit ended close to a sudden range of hills that marked the northern limit of the Deccan Plain.

He wanted to slow the British work, to dishearten the sappers and, by such delaying tactics, force Wellesley to send forage parties far into the countryside where they would be prey to the Mahratta horsemen who still roamed the Deccan Plain.

And afterwards the fugitives of their beaten army would be pursued south across the Deccan Plain.

He could see some pointed helmets at the back of the crowd and he guessed that some of the Mahratta horsemen who still roamed the Deccan Plain had come to see his death.

Let them come, he thought, for the more who died here, the fewer would remain to trouble him as he pursued the beaten remnant south across the Deccan Plain.

Gawilghur is still a mightily impressive fortress, sprawling over its vast headland high above the Deccan Plain.

On the evening of September ninth, a pockmarked graduate student named Deccan Blendish stood in a crowd in Durbar Square to watch the first public interrogations of that season, a victory, if it can be called that, for a certain extreme faction in the school of law.

Later, after reading it again, Deccan Blendish had acquired other clues.

That first square of fabric, which Mayadonna Bey had displayed before the council, was the one that Deccan Blendish had thumbtacked to his wall.

Even under the grey sky the largest paddy was an intense shade of green, and in the middle of it, Deccan Blendish could see the leader of the team of agricultural consultants whose arrival in the village had preceded his.