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Decca may refer to:

  • Descendants of the original Decca Gramophone Company
    • Decca Label Group, a classical music record label, owned by Universal Music Group
    • Decca Records or Decca Music Group, a record label
      • Decca Studios, a recording facility in West Hampstead, England
      • Decca tree, a microphone recording system
    • Decca Broadway, a musical theater record label
    • London Decca, a maker of turntable tonearms and cartridges
    • Decca Radar, later Racal-Decca Marine, a defunct marine electronics manufacturer
    • Decca Navigator System, a defunct marine and aeronautical navigation system
  • The Deccas, a guitar-based band from Medway, England


  • Decca or Jessica Mitford (1917–1996), British-American investigative journalist
    • Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford, a 2006 book
  • Mpundi Decca, Congolese guitarist


  • Decca Sports Ground, a cricket ground in London, England
  • Decca, old spelling of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh

Usage examples of "decca".

Beatles, albums see albums by the Beatles Apple Group contract, 569, 580 avant-garde, 231, 234, 329, 372 Beatlemania, xii, 73, 95, 171, 186 biographies, xii break-up, 576-88 at the Cavern, 80-83 as celebrities, 128 changes in show business, 139 disbanded, 553 dislike of image, 303-4 dispute about Allen Klein, 547-9 and drugs, 184-92, 198-9, 347, 378, first record, 37 formed from the Quarry Men, 52 and Greek Island, 377-80 in Hamburg, clothes, 71, 76, 101 at the Indra, 57-8 at the Kaiserkeller, 59-63 deported, 73 houses, 167-70 and the Maharishi, 396-404 Mayfair flat, 102 modern music, 330-1 origin of name, 52 recordings rejected by Decca, 89 sleeve design for, Abbey Road, Sgt.

Maybe, after a while, you could ravage Decca, but unless you killed every Deccan, Lyra, in the end, would be destroyed too.

Mitford Romilly Treuhaft, known as Decca, who died last month, was among the handful of great muckraking journalists of our time.

It was Wyatt-Turner who had said of Smith that he had a built-in radar set against danger and Carraciola's voice had just started it up into instantaneous operation and had it working with a clarity and precision that would have turned Decca green with envy.

She had some music, a single-shot Decca record player from the fifties with a jackknife attached to the tone arm with rubber bands for weight.