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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Other new words which might sound familiar include sloane ranger, Rambo, kissogram and decaf.

n. (context informal English) a decaffeinated coffee, tea, or soft drink.


n. coffee with the caffeine removed [syn: decaffeinated coffee]

Usage examples of "decaf".

She turned and poured herself a cup of decaf and loaded non fat creamer into her mug before sitting at the round table.

She had been serving Ferlinghetti and Rainer four-year-old canned decaf from the back of the refrigerator and stale kolaches someone had brought her after the Polish Festival in June.

Whos to say you dont have your oat bran muffin and decaf at the pine table in the kitchen?

They studiously avoided eye contact, even when three of them entered a coffee shop, and all three, on reflection, decided on decaf.

A cabinet sits next to it, doors open to reveal a big foil bag of Italian Roast Water-Process Decaf and a box of Havana cigars.

Laney privately wished to ascribe this to drug-use, of which he'd seen no evidence whatever, and indeed Daniels's most potent public indulgence seemed to be multiple cups of decaf espresso taken with curls of lemon peel.

And my friend Marilyn Truro at the DMV was on her third double decaf latte, wondering if it would help if she added a second nicotine patch to the one she already had on her arm, thinking it would feel really good to be able to choke the next person in line.

He made instant Yuban decaf, handed her an Oreo cookie, and took her into a computer room where a formidable Cray mainframe and other computer equipment of every possible description filled all wall space and most of the floor, while the few pieces of furniture looked like Salvation Army discards, although Marty was a multimillionaire.

Then I was in the kitchen here with Mercy for maybe half an hour, having some decaf with a shot of Bailey's, wide awake and listening to the news on the radio and wondering was it worth trying to get back to sleep, when we heard the knocking at the front door.