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Debes (crater)

Debes is a lunar crater that is located to the north of the Mare Crisium, in the eastern part of the Moon's near side. It lies just to the northwest of the crater Tralles and the prominent Cleomedes.

This crater is joined to the oval-shaped Debes A through a break in the southern rim. The later crater is joined along its western rim by Debes B, so that the result is a triple-crater formation. The surviving of Debes is somewhat eroded and rounded, when compared to the sharper-rimmed Tralles, and the interior floor is relatively level and featureless.


Debes is a surname which may refer to:

  • Hans Jákupsson Debes (1723–1769), Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands from 1752 to 1769
  • Inge Debes (1882–1945), Norwegian jurist, editor and politician
  • Jens Peter Debes (1776–1832), Norwegian judge and politician
  • Lothar Debes (1890-1960), German officer in both world wars
  • Lucas Debes (1623-1675), Danish priest, topographer and writer
  • Peter Olaf Debes (1845–1914), Norwegian politician
  • Thierry Debès (born 1974), French retired football goalkeeper