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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Deas \De"as\, n. See Dais. [Scot.]


n. (context Scotland English) (alternative form of dais English)


Deas or DEAS may refer to:

  • Deas (surname), a Scottish surname originating in Fife
  • Deas Island, a river island in British Columbia, Canada
  • Deas Vail, an American rock band
  • Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences formerly known as Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge
  • Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Delhi

In Scottish Gaelic, the word deas or deise means ready, right hand, south, dexterous or trim.

Deas (surname)

Deas is a Scottish surname. People with this surname include:

  • Bob Deas, (1886-?), Australian rules footballer
  • Sir David Deas (1807–1876), medical officer in the Royal Navy
  • Charles Deas (1818–1867), American painter
  • Sir George Deas (1804–1887), Scottish judge
  • Jack Deas (1875-?), Australian rules footballer
  • James Deas (1890–1963), New Zealand politician
  • Justin Deas (born 1948), American actor
  • Lynn Deas, American bridge player
  • Paul Deas (born 1972), retired Scottish professional footballer
  • Sir Edward Deas Thomson (1800–1879), Australian politician
  • Zachariah C. Deas (1819–1882), brigadier general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War

Usage examples of "deas".

Colonel Deas sent for a parson, and made assurance doubly sure by marrying them over again.

Illic Leniades humili regnabat in aula, Leniades magnis nobilitatus avis: Una duas habuit casa cum genitore puellas, Quas Amor undarum fingeret esse deas: Non tamen inculti gelidis latuere sub antris, Accola Danubii qualia saevus habet.