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n. (non-gloss definition: A term of affection.)

Usage examples of "dearheart".

When Ms Dearheart wasn’t smoking she held the cigarette at shoulder height, the elbow of her left arm cupped in her right hand.

There was a definite feel about Adora Belle Dearheart that a lid was only barely holding down an entire womanful of anger.

He needed more time but Adora Belle Dearheart was not someone you felt you should keep waiting.

Miss Dearheart was leaning back to avoid his attentions and more probably his breath.

Probably only he and Moist heard Miss Dearheart purr: ‘What is sticking in your foot is a Mitzy “Pretty Lucretia” four-inch heel, the most dangerous footwear in the world.

But, for now, by the light of the burning yesterdays, he waltzed with Miss Dearheart while the scratch band scratched away.

And then John Dearheart, who always used a safety lanyard, landed in the cabbage field and that was the end of the Second Trunk.

Robert Dearheart used it for his first experiments, but it’s a bit too far and the walls aren’t safe and if you stay in there for more than a day at a time you go mad.

And there was Miss Dearheart, without a cigarette in her mouth, only a foot away.

Most of this place doesn’t have a ceiling,’ said Miss Dearheart, laughing.

He tossed her his bite-is-worse-than-bark look and said, "OK, dearheart, face the wall.