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DEA (disambiguation)

DEA is the commonly used acronym for the Drug Enforcement Administration, a United States law enforcement agency.

DEA or Dea may also refer to:

Dea (album)

Dea is the first full-length album by the Russian Power Metal band Catharsis. It was released in 2001 by Irond. The album was the most commercially successful Russian metal release of 2001. It was released internationally in 2002 by Hammer Müzik. In 2004, the album, together with the Febris Erotica EP, was re-released by Irond.

DEA (1990 TV series)

D.E.A. is a television program which was aired by Fox Broadcasting Company as part of its 1990-91 lineup.

D.E.A. was based on true stories of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Shot in cinéma vérité style, the program combined recreated scenes using actors with actual surveillance footage and film of actual newscasts covering the stories depicted.

Fox apparently had considerable confidence in this concept. When the initial version garnered low ratings and was put on hiatus, before its return the program was retooled into DEA—Special Task Force, which placed more emphasis on the agents' personal lives and showed less graphic violence. The revamped show premiered in April 1991, but also failed to achieve significant ratings and the program was canceled for good in June 1991.

DEA (2008 TV series)

DEA is a reality television series that ran for fifteen, hour-long episodes in two seasons from April 2, 2008 to March 31, 2009 on the Spike television network. DEA follows the jobs of a squad of Drug Enforcement Administration special agents as they track down leads and make narcotics busts on houses suspected of selling, producing, or trafficking drugs. The first season was filmed in Detroit, Michigan and consisted of six episodes aired from April 2, 2008 to May 7, 2008. The second season in the New York/ New Jersey area consisted of nine episodes aired from February 10, 2009 to March 31, 2009 and follows a group of DEA agents and Task Force officers operating out of the DEA's northern New Jersey headquarters located in Newark. The show was produced for Spike TV by Al Roker Entertainment, Inc. in association with Size 12 Productions.

The first season follows DEA Group 14, while the second season follows a team of agents known as "Group 5-6", based at the DEA Newark Field Division office at 80 Mulberry Street, Newark New Jersey.

The series was narrated by Lance Henriksen.

A review of show's debut by the New York Times described the series as "an argument that the trend of shows about real people doing their jobs ought to be put out of its misery", while crediting the show as "an extended public service announcement".

Usage examples of "dea".

DEA agent, David Regela - one of the few agents ever actually to have met Amado - recalls a meeting in which Acosta was angry at him for having tortured six of his best men to DEAth.

And now there was a full-size movie crew up here, based out of Vineland but apt to show up just about anyplace, prominent among whom, and already generating notable Thanatoid distress, was this clearly insane Mexican DEA guy, not only dropping but also picking up, dribbling, and scoring three-pointers with the name of Frenesi Gates.

It was a three-way discussion with me in the local radio station in Chapel Hill, pitted against a bioethics guru in Cambridge and a DEA agent in Washington.

The same Deity was often masculine and feminine: what was Dea Luna in one country, was Deus Lunus in another.

Was he a narc working for the DEA as his mother claimed, or was he the lowlife described by Tom Riley?

All he knew was what the joker who looked like a clump of seaweed in an Orioles cap and Coors Light jacket and oozed into the record store to warn him the DEA were on their way had told him: If he thought he might need the sanctuary of the Rox, he ought to blow what roll he carried on a bag of groceries at some late-night bodega, go down to the river, fire up a flashlight, and think real hard about how bad he wanted to go there.

A DEA helicopter buzzed the islands, but the fishermen had pulled their boat into a cove of red mangroves and the whole small island sat under a cover of sabal palms and sea grapes and black mangroves.

If things went as she hoped, he would help her get enough evidence to cross Taye Rollins off the DEA list of suspects.

At this point the JTTF had grown to more than forty members, including agents from the Secret Service, Treasury, INS, DEA, and the New York State Police, along with NYPD detectives like Lou Napoli.

Miller, Riner, and two DEA agents, Cliff Best and Greg Lee, waited nearby.

DSS and DEA agents discovered across the globe in Islamabad at the time of his takedown.

DEA had no concrete proof, the Bahamian government refused to cooperate in producing a search warrant.

In the booty captured in a savage raid, Kane discovers a ring, a bloodstone, which is key to the power that lies buried, inactive but not dea, within the forest.

And thus the paramedic and the copter pilot flew her away to the hospital at Las Cruces, and she missed the arrival of an SUV occupied by Drug Enforcement Agents, and the resulting dispute over which of the agencies had jurisdiction, which was eventually resolved by the arrival of someone representing Homeland Security, who declared himself in charge of the FBI, the DEA, the Border Patrol, the Department of Land Management, and the Navajo Tribal Police.

Any po-lice, any rent-a-cop, any limp DEA, any them mothers truck into them towers, Hardcore gone know.