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DDD or Triple D may refer to:

DDD (song)

"D.D.D." (stylized as D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD) is a song recorded by Japanese recording artist Kumi Koda, taken from her second greatest hits album , Best: Second Session (2005). It contains guest vocals from Japanese music duo, Soulhead. It was written by Soulhead members and sisters Yoshika and Tsugumi, with production being done by Octopussy. The song is Koda's first collaborative effort since her single " Hot Stuff with Japanese rapper KM-Markit month prior. As part of Koda's 12 Month Single releases, "D.D.D." premiered on December 21, 2005 as the third single from the album. The CD cover sleeve has Koda wearing a black mini-dress and headdress. The cover sleeve is to represent the country United Kingdom, and its symbolism of Britannia.

Musically, "D.D.D." is a dance song that borrows numerous musical elements such as R&B. The song borrows a 4-bar melody from the Missy Elliot and Rockwilder's remake of " Lady Marmalade". The song is sung in half Japanese and English language. The song received favourable reviews from music critics, who commended the song's production and song writing. The composition and Soulhead's collaboration was also complimented.

Restricted to 50,000 units, "D.D.D." reached number five on the Japanese Oricon Singles Chart, and sold over 48,000 units in that region. The song also reached number five on the Japanese Count Down TV Singles Chart. The accompanying music video for "D.D.D." was shot in Japan; it features Koda and Soulhead dancing in a cave, with individual scenes of them with men in a jail cell. To promote the single, it has featured on several concert tours conducted by Koda, including the Second Sessions Tour and her 2013 Japonesque Tour. A variation of the single, entitled "XXX", featured on Soulhead's single " Pray" in 2006.

DDD (album)

DDD is the seventh album by American alternative rock band Poster Children, released in 2000. It derives its name from the SPARS Code for a digitally recorded, mixed, and mastered album.