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DCK (Buckethead album)

DCK is Buckethead's fourth album under the anagram Death Cube K.

The limited edition started on Jul 18 2007 and ended on Aug 24 2007. The non-limited version was available a few days later on Sep 6 2007.

Initial copies were lettered and numbered by Buckethead, but only 400 of these were made. Later CDs came without the number but with silver DCK letters. The album doesn't have an official track listing, just coming in a plain black case with no further information.

This album is commonly mislabeled as the long-awaited Torn From Black Space, released in 2009. An unofficial statement on the Silent Watcher Bill Laswell (frequent collaborator of Buckethead and the first Death Cube K releases) discography site, talked about the creation of the new label RareNoise and the releases on this label (which includes Torn From Black Space):


DCK may refer to:

  • DCK (Buckethead album), 2007 album by Buckethead using the name Death Cube K
  • Deschloroketamine, a dissociative anesthetic drug
  • Deoxycytidine kinase, an enzyme
  • DHA City, Karachi, a planned city in Karachi, Pakistan