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DBZ may refer to:

  • dBZ (meteorology), decibels of Z, a meteorological measure of equivalent reflectivity (Z) of a radar signal
  • Dragon Ball Z, the anime adaptation of the second portion of the Dragon Ball manga
  • Divided by Zero, an American rock band
  • Dean Zelinsky (born 1957), American guitar designer and founder of DBZ Guitars
DBZ (meteorology)

dBZ stands for decibel relative to Z. It is a logarithmic dimensionless technical unit used in radar, mostly in weather radar, to compare the equivalent reflectivity (Z) of a radar signal reflected off a remote object (in mm per m) to the return of a droplet of rain with a diameter of 1 mm (1 mm per m). It is proportional to the number of drops per unit volume and the sixth power of drops diameter and is thus used to estimate the rain or snow intensity. With other variables analyzed from the radar returns it helps to determine the type of precipitation.