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Dbx (noise reduction)

dbx is a family of noise reduction systems developed by the company of the same name. The most common implementations are dbx Type I and dbx Type II for analog tape recording and, less commonly, vinyl LPs. A separate implementation, known as dbx-TV, is part of the MTS system used to provide stereo sound to North American and certain other TV systems. The company – dbx, Inc. – was also involved with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) systems.

Dbx (company)

dbx, Inc. is an American producer of professional audio recording equipment. It was founded by David E. Blackmer in 1971.

The original company goal was: "To get closer to the realism of a live performance." Its early products were based on the concept of using decibel expansion which gave the company its name. dbx is best known for the dbx noise reduction system. The dbx noise reduction system used compression while recording an audio track and symmetric expansion when playing it back. They also manufactured the Model 700, a unique but short-lived studio recording system, briefly popular in some circles as a mastering format. Another early product was the eXpanded range DeciBel meter, a little solid-state meter that measured audio voltages both weaker and stronger than other bigger contemporary voltmeters, built into an aluminum extrusion that was about the size of the meter itself, which was an earlier source of the company initials.


dbx or DBX may refer to:

  • dbx (debugger), a Unix source-level debugger
  • dbx (company), a professional audio recording equipment company
    • dbx (noise reduction), a noise reduction system invented by dbx, Inc.
  • .dbx, the file extension for Microsoft Outlook Express data files
  • direct byte execution, a tagline used for Jazelle, one of the execution states found in ARM processors
  • DBX, annual Dropbox developer conference
  • Aston Martin DBX

In music:

  • DBX, the stage name of turntablist Danny Marquez, formerly of Trik Turner
  • DBX, an alias of American minimal techno artist Daniel Bell
  • DBX, the Dave Brockie Experience
  • DBX, an English group composed of producers Pete Kirtley and Sacha Collisson, and singer-songwriter John James Newman
Dbx (debugger)

DBX is a source-level debugger found primarily on Solaris, AIX, IRIX, Tru64 UNIX, Linux and BSD operating systems. It provides symbolic debugging for programs written in C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN and Java. Useful features include stepping through programs one source line or machine instruction at a time. In addition to simply viewing operation of the program, variables can be manipulated and a wide range of expressions can be evaluated and displayed.