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The DBPD Community is a radical left-wing organisation from Novi Sad, Vojvodina/ Serbia. The acronym DBPD means in Serbian "Društvo za Borbu Protiv Društva" , a pun meaning this organisation's orientation towards destruction on contemporary society's basis of capital, state and church. The organisation is also strongly opposed towards patriotism and nationalism.

The DBPD Community is thought to be formed in the beginning of 2003, and their work has been mainly underground ever since. Public has no awareness of the DBPD Community's members, and they show no identification, although they have gathered a number of supporters locally. It shows its existence mainly through printed propaganda (leaflets, stickers, etc.), graffiti and public statements.

Since their formation, they have been under continuous political attacks from right-wing and conservative organisations in Novi Sad and Serbia, as well as neo-Nazis, and are dismissed as "radicals" in Serbia's public opinion.

' Some of the DBPD Community's actions include:'

  • The Night of the Red Noses in 2003 - action oriented against the U.S. bombardment of Iraq by painting red all the monuments' noses in Novi Sad
  • Hosting the bicycle caravan protesting against EU
  • Patriotism is a disease - action against celebration of 200 years of Serbia's independent state.
  • Magazine " Bezbožnik" (Godless) - a magazine printed by the section of the DBPD Community called O.B.O.R. (Section for struggle against organized religion)
  • A protest against Italian minister of foreign affairs Gianfranco Fini's visit to Belgrade
  • Campaign against privatisation of Serbian companies