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DBF may refer to:

  • .dbf – file format introduced by dBASE database system, since adopted by other applications as well
  • Detection By Fire
  • Divorced Black Female in personal ads
  • dBf – Decibel as referring to 1 femtowatt
  • dBF – Decibel as in "dB from Full"
  • Drude-Born-Federov form of constitutive equations
  • Distributed Bellman-Ford a Distance-vector routing protocol
  • Danmarks Badminton Forbund (Denmark's Badminton Union)
  • Diesel Boats Forever (Diesel Boats Forever)
  • Design/Build/Fly aircraft design competition
  • Oracle tablespace filename extension
  • Distributed feedback laser – a type of a laser
  • Drunk Bitch Friday – formerly a weekly bit on the Lex and Terry morning radio show.