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Dayan (surname)

Dayan is a Hebrew surname. It means a Jewish religious judge in a Beth din—a position conferring social prestige in a traditional Jewish community, and therefore one whose memory is likely to be retained as a family's surname even after the passage of many generations.

Notable persons with the surname include:

  • Moshe Dayan (1915–1981), Israeli military leader and politician
    • Shmuel Dayan (1891–1968), Zionist activist and Israeli politician (father of Moshe)
    • Ruth Dayan (born 1917), widow of Moshe
    • Assi Dayan (1945–2014), Israeli film director, actor (son of Moshe)
    • Yael Dayan (born 1939), Israeli politician and author (daughter of Moshe)
    • Uzi Dayan (born 1948), Israeli general and politician (nephew of Moshe)
    • Ilana Dayan (born 1964), Israeli investigative journalist, jurist and anchorwoman (relative)
    • Amalia Dayan, Owner of New York gallery Luxemburg and Dayan (daughter of Assi)
  • Charles Dayan (1792–1877), American lawyer and politician
  • Charles Dayan (real estate developer) (born 1941), American real estate developer
  • Colin Dayan, American professor
  • Daniel Dayan (born 1943), social scientist
  • David Ben Dayan (born 1978), Israeli football player
  • Haim Dayan (born 1960), Israeli politician
  • Peter Dayan, neuroscience scholar
  • Roei Dayan (born 1984), Israeli football player
  • Yosef Dayan (born 1945), Israeli political activist

Notable persons with the given name Dayan (not always linguistically related) include:

  • Dayan Khan (1464–1517), Mongol Khan
  • Dayán Viciedo (born 1989), Cuban baseball player
  • David Dayan Fisher, British actor
  • Dayan Jayatilleka, Sri Lankan Sinhala academic, diplomat, politician, writer; he was named after Moshe Dayan
Dayan (disambiguation)

Dayan is the English transliteration of personal and place names in several languages, which are not linguistically related to each other. It may refer to:

  • Dayan, a Jewish religious judge in a Beth din
  • Dayan (surname)
  • Dayan, Iran, a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Lijiang City, also known as Dayan City, in Yunnan, China
  • Dayan Khan, a ruler of the Northern Yuan dynasty
  • Dayan Khan (Khoshut), a ruler of the Khoshut Khanate
  • Dayan Township, in Jiangyou, Sichuan, China
  • Dayan is a speedcube manufacturer that has made many popular cubes, such as the Dayan Zhanchi, the world record speed cube.

World record is performed by dayan's cube

Usage examples of "dayan".

Moshe Dayan, Amit was tapped to run the Mossad in 1963 while studying business administration at Columbia University in New York City.

Tamir was taken aback by the two other men with Eshkol-Meir Amit, the head of Mossad, and Moshe Dayan, the minister of defense.

Dayan walks back to the jitney to find a cloud of Damei wings fanning out overhead.

Captain Dayan, it was my fault Myr Linnix was trapped by that despicable man.

Dayan nibbled at her finger, his teeth teasing her, sending tiny flames dancing over her skin.

He nods at Dayan, then nods again because what Pao said is so true: he recalls that Gridworld night, and the thing on a rope.

Only immediate massive air strikes, Dayan is insisting, can stop the Syrians from overrunning the Galilee.

Dayan examined her enlarged heart carefully, then moved on to the baby.

Dayan inquires without ado, "Amos, what's been happening in your sector?

Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, 1992), p.

This was still pretty much First Sergeant Luria, the shapely blonde from Dayan's moshav, whom Dayan himself had recommended as an aide.

Dado is for a preemptive strike against Syria, but Dayan opposes it.