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Dayak may refer to:

  • Dayak people, an ethnic group native to the interior of Borneo island in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Dayak language
  • Land Dayak languages
  • A creature in the 2004 science fiction film Immortal
  • Troy Dayak (born 1971), American soccer player

Usage examples of "dayak".

The flaring of a match at an adjacent table revealed the dark blue stain of a head-hunting tattoo decorating the throat of a Dayak man too young to have participated in the fabled ritual wars of his ancestors.

Drake not lose, American manhood before the bar of an entire Dayak village, even as his inner gyros went swinging level with the slippery surface of the wine he was lifting cautiously as a ticking bomb to his benumbed lips.

Both the Dayak and the judge would even feel remorse if sympathy moved them to spare the murderer.

He waved Turner back, opened the greenhouse door slightly, and shouted a series of orders to the crew in their Dayak dialect.

With the help of two of the Dayak crew, she was installing a meshwork satellite dish in an anchored iron plate in the deck.

The Dayak crew, who had been waiting for the order to reef sails, began laughing wildly.

Buau: Among the Dayak people of Borneo, the ghost of an enemy slain in battle, supposed to drink the blood of its victims.

Then I found a kind of lad, Dayak he was, a shark-killer, they go in the water and kill the sharks with a knife.

Now, the twenty-fifth June for instance--last year, this was--I was here and the Dayak was out killing sharks.

Then, late one night, a pair of gentle Dayaks stepped diffidently into the bell-like glow of their cooking fire.

These very same words have been applied to the Ostyaks, the Samoyedes, the Eskimos, the Dayaks, the Aleoutes, the Papuas, and so on, by the highest authorities.

That is why the Dayaks, apart from the murders they commit when actuated by their conception of justice, are depicted, by all those who know them, as a most sympathetic people.

I am bound to assign to the Dayaks a high place in the scale of civilization.

Altogether, my informant speaks of the Dayaks in exactly the same sympathetic terms as Ida Pfeiffer.

Except we were running around, shooting film, taking hits of oxygen, and the Dayaks were just hanging onto life.