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n. (plural of daw English)


Daws may refer to:

  • Daws (name)
  • Daws Heath, a large area of woodland in Eastern Thundersley, a region of Essex in England
  • Daws Road, Adelaide, a major, double-lane arterial road in the central southern suburbs of Adelaide, Australia
  • Banu Daws, one of the tribes of Arabia during Muhammad's era that were living to the south of Mecca
  • RAF Daws Hill, a Royal Air Force base on the outskirts of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, England
  • DAW, a Digital Audio Workstation
Daws (name)

Daws is both a surname and a given name.

Those bearing the surname include:

  • Gavan Daws, an author of Pacific island history and informational books
  • Lenny Daws, an English light-welterweight boxer

Those bearing the given name include:

  • Daws Butler, a voice actor famous for portraying Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound

Usage examples of "daws".

That Lord Daws himself was nearly cast out of the family when he married her.

She had been glad to see Isabella Daws discomfited, but something dark seemed to have fallen over her beautiful afternoon.

Ah, with all the good fortune, Lady Daws is still about, playing the grand dame!

I was quite startled to realize that Lady Daws was a part of your household.

Alfred Daws, Robert Stewart, Allan Beckensdale, Sydney Myers, all fellows he knew well.

I can guarantee you that Lady Daws sees that in Papa, and the fact that she is Lady Daws does not mean that she is not in need of support.

The son, Byron Daws, goes to university with your young swain, you know.

Lady Daws stated, her voice low and ever cultured, but carrying with it such malice that Kat was chilled.

He was somewhere with Lady Daws, something to do with the sale of his art.

I knew that Lord Daws did some work with the museum, and contributed some artifacts.

Listened to tales about his friends, including Alfred Daws, Allan Beckensdale and Robert Stewart.

Alfred Daws came racing in, making a beeline for Hunter in an apparent fury, ready to tackle him.

I had a fair idea of where you might be when I discovered that Alfred Daws had joined you.

Their arrival set Lady Daws on her best behavior, and she laughed with others and appeared quite human.

But she was a rash young thing, and it was suspected that she was after Daws, despite the fact that he was years older.