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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

colloquial for dog, attested from 1898.


n. 1 (eye dialect of dog nodot=8 English); also (term: hound dawg). 2 (context slang English) dude, bud, pal. '' used to address a close male friend.''


Dawg or DAWG may refer to:

  • Directed acyclic word graph, an alternative name for the Deterministic acyclic finite state automaton computer science data structure
  • Dawg, the nickname of American mandolinist David Grisman
  • Dawg, a fictional dog from the DC Comics series, Lobo
  • Dawg, a companion of The Dandy comics Desperate Dan
  • a fan of the Cleveland Browns
  • Dawg (film), a romantic-comedy film (also known as Bad Boy) starring Liz Hurley and Denis Leary
  • Informal nickname used by University of Georgia Bulldog athletics
  • Informal nickname used by University of Washington Husky athletics
  • Deputy's Advisory Working Group, a governance body within the United States Department of Defense
Dawg (film)

Dawg is 2002 dramedy film directed by Victoria Hochberg. It stars Denis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley, in their second film together. Steffani Brass was nominated for Young Artist Award for her role in this film. Although intended to be released in theaters under the title Bad Boy, it was ultimately distributed direct-to-video.

Usage examples of "dawg".

Den de masters of de dawgs dey get angry, and fire four tousand pistole at de four tousand dawgs, and make my bed shake wid the trembling of mine vrow.