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n. (plural of davenport English)

Usage examples of "davenports".

I scooped her up and spread her out on one of the two big davenports that faced each other across a long blond cocktail table.

I went over and got the tray and carried it to the table between the two davenports in the living room.

She was standing at the end of one of the facing davenports, and Spencer was standing beside her.

There were nice lamps, nice chairs with deep sides, nice tables, a thick apricot-colored rug, two small cozy davenports, one facing and one right-angled to a fireplace with an ivory mantel and a miniature Winged Victory on that.

Marineau, curled up on one of the davenports, looked blankly at the unlit fire.

There was a big fireplace, Indian rugs, two davenports with faded cretonne slips over them, more wicker furniture, not too comfortable.

Mama said it had been a huge scandal, but the Davenports had closed ranks and the upper echelon of Tuscumbia society had been forced to accept both mother and child or face Davenport retaliation.

Since the Davenports were the wealthiest family in the northwest quarter of Alabama, they had been able to carry it off.

There was the public Jessie, the princess of the Davenports, the most popular girl in school who charmed everyone with her high spirits and who refused to experiment with alcohol and cigarettes the way all the other kids did.

The Davenports had always been hefty contributors to his campaign funds when election time rolled around.

He had to make damn sure of his case before he presented it to the county prosecutor, because old Simmons was too slick a politician to take on a case involving the Davenports and Tallants unless he was sure he could make it stick.

Nothing about her had ever equaled the standards of the Davenports and Tallants.

It had a personality all its own, an old house that had sheltered generations of Davenports within its graceful wings.

The Davenports had no official authority in county matters, but it was almost traditional that a family representative attend the meetings.

The Davenports and the Tallants of this world never had to pay for the shit they committed.