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vb. (context intransitive English) to recite the Jewish liturgy; to pray

Usage examples of "daven".

A short time later I awoke to find myself within a tight circle of a hundred rabbis, all davening with Torahs held aloft behind them or in their arms.

She was his debriefer Davina Graham, a dedicated British operative who made her work her life.

When she fell in love with Sasanov, Davina Graham already knew that he would only co-operate if they brought his wife and daughter out of Russia.

Printed and bound in Great Britain by Anchor Brendon Limited, Tiptree, Essex ISBN 0 09 926740 3 To my dear friends Isidore and Blanche with love The man sitting opposite Davina Graham lit a cigarette.

In fact, Davina thought, looking at him, he showed no genuine human feeling at all.

The wing where Davina Graham lived with Sasanov was accepted by the outside nursing staff as reserved for the treatment of violent patients.

He knew exactly what her official purpose was, but Davina Graham was a human puzzle.

As Davina had reminded him, he had lost faith in the Soviet system and his part in maintaining it.

He was dressed and pacing the garden in the dew, when Davina looked out of her bedroom window and saw him.

He had employed Davina as his secretary because he knew that there was no question of a security risk there.

He took their two cases out of the boot, while Davina went and opened the front door.

They played a second time, and they were in the middle of the game when Davina came in.

The views across the hills were so spectacular that Davina caught hold of his sleeve and made him stop.

She was becoming bored again with the return to Davina as a subject, and poor Mary Walker standing guard over her property in case he was lured away.

Graham on a long tour of her garden, and she whispered to Davina later that she found him really charming and most interested in plants.