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DAV may refer to:

  • WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning), an extension of HTTP
  • Dayanand Anglo-Vedic Schools System, an Indian educational society
  • Disabled American Veterans, an American veterans organization
  • Debaters Association of Victoria, Australia
  • German Alpine Club
  • Democratic Association of Victoria, an Australian socialist organisation
  • Dav (journal), a defunct journal
  • DAV, a type of pulsating white dwarf
  • German Actuarial Society
  • DAV Professional Placement Group, a South African recruitment company
  • Dav Pilkey, a popular American author and illustrator of children's literature
Dav (journal)

Dav was a leftist journal published between 1924 and 1937 with intervals in Prague and then in Bratislava. The journal featured illustrations by Frans Masereel, George Gross, Chagall and others. It had a Marxist stance. A reprint edition came out in 1965.