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Dausuva (named after Dausos - spirit world in Lithuanian mythology), also known as Atsarginė Lietuva and Žalioji Atžala , is the name of a geopolitical project by Lithuanian thinker Kazys Pakštas to create a Lithuanian colony in a geopolitically safe area. This semi-independent state was thought to serve as a safe haven for Lithuanians if the Republic of Lithuania would be occupied. In 1924 Kazys Pakštas considered Quebec to be the best location for such a colony. Later his attention switched to the state of São Paulo ( Brasil) (1927), Angola (1930) and Madagascar. Efforts to establish a Lithuanian colony in Venezuela were abandoned due to the unstable political situation there. So finally it was decided to establish the Lithuanian colony in British Honduras. Meetings to set a land purchase or lease deal with local authorities in British Honduras were held. But due to the rise of an independence movement in British Honduras this project was not realised. The last considered location for Dausuva were the Bahamas, but support for this project was getting weaker and it never came close to realisation.