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Daur or Dahur may refer to:

  • Daur people, a sub-ethnic group mostly living in Inner Mongolia, China
  • Daur language, a Mongolic language primarily spoken by the Daur people
  • Daur, Pakistan, a town in the Pakistani province of Sindh
  • Dahur, Iran, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Ad-Dawr, a town in Iraq
  • Daughter, esp. in older census data where Daur is used as an abbreviation for Daughter

Usage examples of "daur".

Still, he supposed, pushing up his glasses onto his nose, the most they could do would be to lock him up for the remainder of the night and have Daur read him a lecture in the morning.

Or did you just not want to have breakfast in the same room with Daur, after your little altercation this morning?

She made shooing motions with her hand and cane, waving Daur toward the outer doors.

I could protect you all this while from Rosie and Daur, can I not protect you also from a mud pie?

Rosie and Daur are going to blame the disruption caused by the surrounding presence of the Void for the feet that neither of them became Archmage, or the fields of alien magic which were everywhere .

I thoucht I was ower mony for her than: I wonner she daur be at me again.

Now, I can tell you, that your auld Laird is disturbed in his grave by your curses, and the wailing of your family, and if ye daur venture to go to see him, he will give you the receipt.

He kens ye hae dene yer best--or if no yer vera best--for wha daur say that?

He kens ye hae dene yer best--or if no yer vera best--for wha daur say that?