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vb. (en-third-person singular of: daunt)

Usage examples of "daunts".

As when that diuelish yron Engin wroughtIn deepest Hell, and framd by Furies skill,With windy Nitre and quick Sulphur fraught,And ramd with bullet round, ordaind to kill,Conceiueth fire, the heauens it doth fillWith thundring noyse, and all the ayre doth choke,That none can breath, nor see, nor heare at will,Through smouldry cloud of duskish stincking smoke,That th'onely breath him daunts, who hath escapt the stroke.

Yet one of many was so strongly bentBy Priamond, that with vnluckie glaunce,Through Cambels shoulder it vnwarely went,That forced him his shield to disaduaunce:Much was he grieued with that gracelesse chaunce,Yet from the wound no drop of bloud there fell,But wondrous paine, that did the more enhaunceHis haughtie courage to aduengement fell:Smart daunts not mighty harts, but makes them more to swell.