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n. data communications

Datacom (disambiguation)

Datacom may refer to:

  • Data communications or data transmission
  • DATACOM/DB, a relational database for IBM mainframes
  • Datacom Group, a New Zealand-based IT company

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Usage examples of "datacom".

Lenore had been reading on her datacom, but she looked up as he approached, and immediately got to her feet, stretching up to kiss him.

It took nothing but a few questions asked of his datacom to reveal the astronomy grad-student colloquium schedule.

Don was a bit of a Luddite, and still had a pocket datacom, but Lenore and Gillian had web-accessing brainlink implants.

The machine walked across the vestibule, its heels clicking against the old, much-scuffed hardwood there, and it easily went up the first two steps, which was as far as it had to go to be able to proffer the datacom to Sarah.

When he was all the way up, she held the datacom at an angle to her face so he could hear McGavin, too.

But then she rummaged in her purse and pulled out her datacom, tapped a couple of keys, and handed him the slim device.

He eased up off the floor and padded quietly over to the sleek datacom embedded in the wall.

Yaut seated before the datacom, researching a number of questions in the base archives.

Don was holding his datacom tightly in his hand, and its plastic shell was now moist with his perspiration.

He took a deep breath, let it out slowly, opened the datacom, snapped it immediately shut, and then, at last, opened it once more, gingerly, as though lifting the lid on a coffin.