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vb. (context US dialect English) dares.

Usage examples of "dast".

My old lady is very, very particular about this, and I dast not leave little John Ignatius Junior for a minute.

Deep enough for stitches, Dast curse it, no mere token like the scratches Lovis and I had exchanged.

We snagged one, the other got away and, Dast drown it, he was the one with the loot.

It worked, Dast save me, it worked, and Temar, I thought I was going mad!

They find out that no rat dast poke his whiskers out at me or he will get a very close shave.

As soon as I get there I mean to search for work, and dast any dirty old man declare I have to fuck him first, I mean to have the law on him!

But just before five o'clock it is okay, as only the hostesses are there, and of course none of them dast to join in our singing, or Good Time Charley will run them plumb out of the joint.