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Dask or Desk may refer to:

  • Dask, Hormozgan
  • Desk, Anbarabad, Kerman Province
  • Desk, Bam, Kerman Province
  • Desk-e Bala, Kerman Province

Usage examples of "dask".

The house was Kindan's home and the shed housed Dask, the camp's sole remaining watch-wher.

Kindan blew a breath toward the watch-wher's nose so that Dask would get a good smell of him and recognize him.

Then Dask gave a little happy chirp, flapped his wings once, and vanished.

I heard their riders tell them where to go—but Dask does it on his own.

If he were bonded with a watch-wher, like his father was with Dask, he could have asked his watch-wher to see who was out there.

His father asked him to check in on Dask in the mornings, and that was new, too.

Dad is a shift leader and he has Dask with him today," Kindan managed to say.

It must have been sudden, or Dask would have warned the miners in time.

But Dask ignored him, burrowing on despite the ichor that was oozing from his various wounds.

Splotches of greenish watch-wher ichor were visible in the light from the glows, but Dask continued to claw at the barrier.

Kindan pushed in beside Dask, hearing the laboring gasp of the watch-wher's breath.

Frantically, Dask dug harder, with less control, showering the anxious Kindan with stones and mud.

And so, having led the rescuers to the trapped men, Dask finished his life.

His father had ridden Dask, on some evenings when the air was heavier and easier for the watch-wher to fly in.

Kindan wished he'd asked Aleesa more questions, which he could have easily added when he explained that Dask had been a hatchling before he was born.