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Dasi may refer to:

Usage examples of "dasi".

When Adele swayed forward, she found Dasi and Cory waiting to grab her arms and keep her on her feet.

In allowing for her awkwardness, Barnes and Dasi were doing the jobs Daniel and their shipmates expected them to do.

She was uncomfortably aware that Barnes and Dasi kept step, poised to catch her if she stumbled.

Tovera, Dasi and Barnes stood with Adele as she talked for the last time with Captain Evans, at the head of the short boarding bridge between barge and starship.

Adele swayed against the railing, but Dasi was holding her firmly by the shoulder.

She paused, not indecisive but waiting for Barnes and Dasi to come out of the companionway.

Barnes and Dasi would deal with the crewmen as they returned to the ship, barring the lower end of the companionway while a large armed party waited at C Level, the next deck above the entrance hatch.