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dash off

vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To leave a place quickly or briefly. 2 (context transitive idiomatic English) To write quickly or informally.

dash off
  1. v. write quickly; "She dashed off a note to her husdband saying she would not be home for supper" [syn: knock off, toss off, fling off]

  2. write down hastily; "She dashed off a letter to her lawyer" [syn: dash down]

Usage examples of "dash off".

She had no intentions of pissing Dash off again where a mission was concerned.

You know, the longer I live, the more clearly I see that half the trouble in this bally world is caused by the light-hearted and thoughtless way in which chappies dash off letters of introduction and hand them to other chappies to deliver to chappies of the third part.

Now, before you dash off to whatever's made you look at your watch three times since I came into the room, cause of death.

She wasn't going to dash off to Harvard in a few weeks and work toward a degree so that she could keep books and read tax law.

She sat down to dash off a note to him then and there, but she was obliged to pause several times to wipe the blinding tears from her eyes.

King Darzin and his soldiers couldn't watch all the holes--there were too many--but they were quick enough to dash off wherever they saw a rabbit show his nose.

No doubt you would rather see her dash off in a chaise-and-four, but it would cost as much as fifty or sixty pounds, besides what one must give the postilions, and is not to be thought of.

I said all right, but that I would like to drive down and not just dash off in an aeroplane or train.

His instincts told him to clamp down, but he had to dash off to the Narn Homeworld—.

He felt much annoyed with the unknown traveller for driving at such a pace, and was uneasily hoping that his postilions were able to control their own horses (which showed signs of wishing to dash off after the other chaise) when he saw that the second chaise was pulling up ahead of them.