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Darre or Darré may refer to:

  • Bernie Darre (1939–2006), American football guard
  • Hans Jørgen Darre (1803–1874), Norwegian clergyman
  • Hans Jørgen Darre-Jenssen (1864–1950), Norwegian engineer and politician
  • Jeanne-Marie Darré (1905–1999), French classical pianist
  • Niels Stockfleth Darre (1765–1809), Norwegian military officer
  • Niels Stockfleth Darre Eckhoff (1831–1914), Norwegian architect
  • Richard Walther Darré (1895–1953), SS-Obergruppenführer and leading Nazi Blut und Boden ideologist
  • Tournous-Darré, commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in southwestern France
  • Worm Hirsch Darre-Jenssen (1870–1945), Norwegian engineer and politician

Usage examples of "darre".

What did the skopos in Darre mean to do about the whispers of heresy taking root inside the church?

Had they fled back to Aosta, to the city of Darre out of which the empire had grown?

Knowing that she lay confined in this dungeon while, above, the good folk of Darre celebrated the feast day of St.

Her expression darkened as it always did when she thought of Darre, and Aosta, and the stricken king.

This hostile invader has captured the holy city of Darre which rightfully belongs to those of us who profess the true faith.

He would be thrown to the fish, and she carried off to Darre as a hostage.

Bland and powerful, he had received her when she had first arrived in Darre and listened patiently and with aristocratic reserve to her message.

But they had all endured in Darre for two years, fiercely protective of their imprisoned mentor.

Aostan spoken in Darre seemed to have little to do with the language spoken in this God-forsaken region, although they were supposedly the same tongue.

Act as Sister Heriburg had acted, when they had fled from Darre in the aftermath of the earthquake.

She had borne up bravely enough in the weeks after they had escaped from Darre, but the final push to the convent had drained her, and now the poor girl wept incessantly.

She sought access to our library, saying she came from the schola in Darre to examine old chronicles.

Holy Mother Anne has departed Darre for the east with the emperor and the army.

You see that we have accomplished all of that task which Presbyter Marcus of Darre set before us two years ago.

We heard rumors in Medemelacha that King Henry is dead, or has abandoned the north to linger in the old city of Darre, seduced by dreams of empire.