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Usage examples of "daroga".

The daroga received me at a window overlooking the garden of the Tuileries.

It seems that, when he opened his eyes, the daroga found himself lying on a bed.

She is a good, honest girl, and she saved your life, daroga, at a moment when I would not have given twopence for your Persian skin.

I had a hard job with you, daroga, for, upon my honor, I thought you were done for!

It fell to my lot to complete those proofs with the aid of the daroga himself.

The trader was summoned to the palace and the daroga of Mazenderan was told to question him.

The execution of this abominable decree devolved upon the daroga of Mazenderan.

The daroga was let off with the loss of the imperial favor, the confiscation of his property and an order of perpetual banishment.

They were of a height but who would have thought that a Sirhogan could stand against the beefier, heavier Daroga, even for a single breath?

Sirhogan to defeat a Daroga would impress them with its unexpectedness, and put an end to any further argument.

Left to themselves, they might even have done as those Daroga dung-brains wanted and attack the newly arrived beasts in the rear.