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n. (context informal English) darling (qualifier as a term of address English)

Usage examples of "darl".

He said Darl almost begged them on his knees not to force him to leave her in her condition.

I saw that with Jewel she had just been pretending, but that it was between her and Darl that the understanding and the true love was.

Lafe, like Darl came in between me and Lafe, and so Lafe is alone too.

And Darl setting on the plank seat right above her where she was laying, laughing.

Jewel that never loved her and was its own punishment, in preference to Darl that was touched by God Himself and considered queer by us mortals and that did love her.

Cash, and Darl after their time was up--hearing the dark land talking the voiceless speech.

It was either send him to Jackson, or have Gillespie sue us, because he knowed some way that Darl set fire to it.

God in a way, and then when Darl seen that it looked like one of us would have to do something, I can almost believe he done right in a way.

He just looked at me with his jaws going bone-white and them bone-white eyes of hisn, then he went and begun to call Darl.

I listen, darl Vernice, I mean can I ask you one more question without you getting angry?

That fool Darl Coplin spent half the night demanding I put Mistress Moiraine and Master Lan out of the inn, out of the village, as if there would be any village at all left without them.

Hari Coplin stood in the front of the crowd with his brother, Darl, and Bili Congar.

A corner of his own Talent was tapped into the Voicecast going out from Darl Elivath, but most of his attention was on the Conclave before him.

He walks by Cash up to the house, which holds (though we don't know it yet) the cause, and the object, of the rivalry between Darl and Jewel.

They commit Darl to the state insane asylum rather than pay the Gillespies for a new barn.