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Darktown (album)

Darktown is the 1999 album from British Musician Steve Hackett. It was reissued in 2013 with 3 bonus tracks. On this reissue, the title was mis-spelt as "Darktwon" on the sides of the CD case.

Darktown is the last album to feature Julian Colbeck as a keyboardist, on the title track only. Colbeck had played with Hackett for much of the 1990s. Darktown shows the increasing role that Roger King would play as a part of Hackett's band, as a producer and keyboardist and later as a co-writer.


Darktown was an African-American neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. It stretched from Peachtree Street and Collins Street (now Courtland Street), past Butler Ave. (now Jesse Hill Jr. Ave.) to Jackson Street. It referred to the blocks above Auburn Avenue in what is now Downtown Atlanta and the Sweet Auburn neighborhood. Darktown was characterized in the 1930s as a "hell-hole of squalor, degradation, sickness, crime and misery".

The term "darktown" was also used generically in Atlanta and the rest of the South to refer to African-American districts. It is used as such in the title of the famous song Darktown Strutters' Ball.

Darktown (disambiguation)

Darktown may refer to:

  • Darktown, former African-American neighbourhood of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States
  • Darktown Revue, a 1931 film
  • " Darktown Strutters Ball", popular song composed in 1917 by Shelton Brooks, recorded by Ella Fitzgerald and others
  • "The Darktown Poker Club", popular song composed in 1914 by Jean C. Havez, Bert Williams and Will H. Vodery, recorded by Phil Harris and others
  • Dark Town, a comic book by Canadian cartoonist Kaja Blackley
  • Darktown (album), a 1999 album by Steve Hackett

Usage examples of "darktown".

Marion McPherson, Darktown Bill's long-suffering hausfrau, thinks Billy Boy spends Thursday nites watching Mexican bantamweights pound each other silly at the Olympic Auditorium.

Danny drove to darktown and widened his canvassing area, talking Goines and the gray-haired man to locals on the side streets adjoining Central Avenue, getting four solid hours of nothing.

He’d been up all night canvassing darktown straight off a weird jag of sobbing, coming up with nothing on the stolen Pontiac, but sensing HIM watching.

The real culprits are some smart Darktown strutters who knew where Coates stashed his car, then planted the weapons.

He said, 'You must know Darktown pretty well,' I said yes, I got the impression he was messed up on Bennies or goofballs _or both_, and _then_ he started rambling about--and I quote you, David--this 'gorgeous'--he actually used the word 'gorgeous'--other policeman working the Mobster Squad--"

And I was deep in hock to a darktown bookie named Leotis Dineen, a six-foot-six jungle bunny who hated people of the Oklahoma persuasion worse than poison.

I understand your sentimental attachment to women, and I know that it is an essential component of your policeman's persona, but such overinvolvement cannot be tolerated, and as of this moment you are off the Cathcart and Lunceford checks and back on the Darktown end of the case.

The stories ran from the relatively prosaic: negro boot-leggers with mob connections taking their loot and buying liquor stores in Watts and wetback-staffed garment mills in San Pedro, to exotic: the same thugs flooding low darktowns with cut-rate heroin and pimping out their most beautiful high-yellow sweethearts to L.

Ruiz told me Noonan had some vague plans to mount an investigation into the Southside rackets--dope, the Darktown slot and vending machines.