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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Darksome \Dark"some\, a. Dark; gloomy; obscure; shaded; cheerless. [Poetic]

He brought him through a darksome narrow pass To a broad gate, all built of beaten gold.


a. (context poetic English) dark; gloomy; obscure; shaded; cheerless.

Usage examples of "darksome".

So lovely were these seven sisters when they stood in the darksome vault, disrobed of all clothing saving a cymar of white silk, that their charms moved the hearts of those who were not mortal.

To feed with kindliest dews its favourite flower, That blooms in mossy banks and darksome glens, Lighting the greenwood with its sunny smile.

The profound mystical significance of this legend is reflected in one told by the Quiches, in which the hero gods Hunahpu and Xblanque succumb to the rulers of Xibalba, the darksome powers of death.

Occasionally one would sit in a semi-dismantled nest snoodling down cosily and peering out with shining eyes, the glow and glitter of which from the darksome entrance have a jewel-like effect.

On that night, so dark and dismal, Unillumed by faintest ray, Might be seen the lonely pilgrim Wending on his darksome way.

Not for naught had he gained access into darksome cults, had barkened to the grisly whispers of the votaries of Skelos under midnight trees, and read the forbidden iron-bound books of Vathelos the Blind.

Most wise Nymph, in my comming out of the subterraneall vast darksome place, as I passed on, I came to a goodlie bridge, and vppon the same, in a Porphyrite stone vppon the one side, and an Ophite vpon the other, I beheld engrauen certaine Hieragliphs, both which I did interprete, but I stoode doubtfull of certaine branches, that were tyed to the hornes of the scalpe of the Oxe, and the rather because they were in the Porphyrite stone, and not in the Ophit vpon the other side.

Love, gold, and life itself, and here I lay under this darksome forest treo with the life-blood fast ebbing away, and scarce a trace would be left of a wasted existence, blighted career.

Osseo heard as whispers, What as words he comprehended, Was but music to the others, Music as of birds afar off, Of the whippoorwill afar off, Of the lonely Wawonaissa Singing in the darksome forest.

As he groped onward, a vague memory stirred in his brain the memory of a grisly tale mumbled to him over a dying fire in the skull-heaped, devil-devil but of a black witchman - a tale of a god which dwelt in a crimson house in a ruined city and which was worshipped by darksome cults in dank jungles and along sullen dusky rivers.

The darksome cave they enter, where they found The woful man, low sitting on the ground, Musing full sadly in his sullen mind.

Ere long with like againe he boorded mee,Saying, he now had boulted all the floure,And that it was a groome of base degree,Which of my loue was partner Paramoure:Who vsed in a darksome inner bowreHer oft to meet: which better to approue,He promised to bring me at that howre,When I should see, that would me nearer moue,And driue me to withdraw my blind abused loue.

He brought him through a darksome narrow strait,To a broad gate, all built of beaten gold:The gate was open, but therein did waitA sturdy villein, striding stiffe and bold,As if that highest God defie he would.

All along the cliff-wall to the bluff crowned by Scarborough Castle northward appeared those cracks and caverns which had brought me here: so I got down a slope to a rude beach, strewn with blocks of chalk, and never did I feel so paltry and short a being, bays of rock outflung about me, their bluffs encrusted at the base with crass old leprosies of barnacles and beardedness of seaweed, and, higher up, their whiteness all daubed and time-spoiled, darksome caverns yawning in the enormous withdrawals of the rock-wall.

The Britons pursued the fleeing foemen into the darksome tracks and game runs of Celyddon.