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n. (context slang offensive ethnic slur English) A person with dark skin.


n. offensive term for Black people [syn: darky, darkie]


Darkey, Darkie and Darky may refer to:

  • darkey or darky, disparaging term for a black person
  • Darkey Kelly (d. 1761), Irish woman burned at the stake
  • Joe Darkey (born 1942), former Ghanaian professional boxer who competed in the 1960s
  • David Bedell-Sivright (1880–1915), Scottish international rugby union player nickname Darkie
  • Darkie Smith (born 1942), former British boxer, now employed in boxing training and boxing matchmaking
  • Darlie, formerly Darkie, a brand of toothpaste

Usage examples of "darkey".

Meanwhile the darkey had come into the great shed and was slowly walking around the flying machine.

The deafening roll of the thunder awoke Washington White from a short nap, and the darkey was not at all sure that he was safe from the lightning bolts.

The darkey went along blithely despite his expressed distaste for their surroundings, and as they came to the lower end of the grove of big trees, he began to run.

To shriek out in alarm would neither save the darkey nor frighten off the bear.

Jack, with sudden inspiration, and the darkey, used to obeying orders without question, scrambled up and started toward the boy.

His first ball had hit the huge beast in the breast, but the latter had plunged forward after the escaping darkey as the ball struck him.

But on the way one Indian had fired at the darkey and wounded the Aleut in the leg.

But the darkey wanted to see how the boys proposed to go about the work of capturing the walrus.

He then retired to a log where he seated himself in the centre of a number of his darkey friends.

Soon after, Paul and the newspaper man were approached by a darkey, who introduced himself as Mr.

Before the clear notes had faded from the morning air, a venerable darkey with whitened head and slightly bent, though walking without the assistance of a cane, appeared on the bluff overlooking the river.

He had not proceeded a mile when he heard a report of the gun and turning, saw both the Doctor and the darkey gazing intently into the sky at a gull that was sailing leisurely around a half mile or so above them.

The poor darkey cowered in fright on the bottom of the boat with covered eyes, while Paul and the Doctor were so impressed with the grandeur of the manifestation, as to be unmindful of the danger.

After that, whenever dark masses of clouds began to roll up in the sky and the wind commenced to sough mournfully through the willows, no power on earth could prevent the darkey from pulling in shore and staying there until the storm had passed.

The darkey received the promise of another twenty-five cents for pulling away from the scene as fast as he could.