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The Collaborative International Dictionary

darkened \darkened\ adj. overtaken by night or darkness.

Syn: nighted.


vb. (en-past of: darken)

  1. adj. (of fabrics and paper) grown dark in color over time; "the darkened margins of the paper"

  2. become or made dark by lack of light; "a darkened house"; "the darkened theater"

Usage examples of "darkened".

At night, the glassed roof would probably also let in the soft cold light of the moon to give the darkened room a spectral feel, but with it being the new moon, to say nothing of the gathering clouds, there would be no moonlight this night.

The pain in her eyes darkened his and when she latched onto his wrist with surprisingly strong hands, he was held by something elusive, something he felt he was close to understanding, or perhaps would never understand.

He spun on his heel and retreated into the darkened recesses of the lobby.

The colors of the crystal darkened into storm clouds, laced by sinister green lights.

Torches held by grinning brass gargoyles cast shadows that deepened the anguish in hopeless faces and darkened the evil glittering in the eyes of the legion of monsters that brought mankind to its knees.

Adam flexed the joint, impressed, but the movement of his fingers darkened his eyes, and he turned a haunted expression to the shadows of the passage he had left behind.

His eyes darkened and he shifted his free hand to her shoulder, pulling her in toward him.

He reached out with his senses toward the grove in the darkened foyer of Havenwood, probing.

Lucas broke off as Miranda Locking abruptly turned away from Merrick Beech and went down a darkened hall.

With the air of a man walking in his sleep, Lucas moved into the darkened hall.

Lucas absently tracked two shadowy figures who hovered in a darkened doorway.

Amaryllis slanted him a sidelong glance as he guided her through the darkened club.

Lucas stood next to Amaryllis in the deep shadows of the towering university library and studied the darkened en- trance of the building that housed the Department of Focus Studies.

Amaryllis unsealed the lock, pushed open the front door, and stepped inside the darkened hall.

She stared into his face, watching the flush that mounted his cheeks, the way his eyes darkened, filled with lust.