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Dari (Italian band)

Dari (often stylized as dARI) is an Italian band best known for their eccentric style use of bright colors. They became famous when their music video, Wale (Tanto Wale), became an Italian internet phenomenon.


The Darî, also known as Dirî, are a Kurdish tribe based in the border region between Turkey and Iran, with a large exclave based in Iraqi Kurdistan, most notably in the Badînan province.

Usage examples of "dari".

Nella shooed Dari off the bed and pulled the crisp sheet across the mattress.

She looked at Dari for a moment, then walked to the privy room to collect dirty towels.

Nella folded the doily and slipped it into her pocket, Dari walked by.

Time disappeared under a dim haze of loss, until Dari touched her arm.

Mirri came and went, restocking towels and humming a sappy tune, and she gave Dari a cheerful wave as she carried out the last of the used linen.

As she took a single step forward, Dari doubted this bed would ever be used again.

McKeever and Dari and felt hands in the hole in my side and knew pieces of flesh were being cut away from the hole in my arm.

I got Dari out of the straps that held her down, carried her to the one window that offered escape, and shoved her out.

And here she remained for two months, while the scandalous news of her exploit was bruited from Ortelga to Urtah, Dari and all over the empire.

As in Dari, the common people tended to idolize Fornis for her beauty and audacity.

You may remember how we cleared the highway between Herl and Dari three or four years ago.

Palteshi who had come with her from Dari and remained with her ever since.

Miss Fornis went out alone with me and four mentwo Subans and our own two Dari huntsmen.

Palteshi guards, who had a Suban wife in Dari, knew him to be none other than Anda-Nokomis.

Ebou Dari, for one, seemed unable to utter three words without boasting.