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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dap \Dap\ (d[a^]p), v. i. [Cf. Dip.] (Angling) To drop the bait gently on the surface of the water.

To catch a club by dapping with a grasshoper.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fist-bump greeting, with various theories as to origin and name meaning. In U.S. popular black culture by 1972 and controversial during the Vietnam War when used by U.S. soldiers, as it often was regarded by whites as a ritual act of black solidarity. Probably imitative (dap was used in 19c. for the bounce of a ball or the skip of a stone on water). Dap, meanwhile, is listed in the DAS as black slang c.1950 for "aware, up to date," also "stylish, well-dressed," in the latter case at least a shortening of dapper.


n. (context Bristol Wales usually in plural English) A plimsoll. vb. 1 (context Bristol English) To run or go somewhere quickly. 2 To do some form of dipping, dabbing, or bouncing action. {{qualifier|See (w: Dapping).}}

DAP (software)

Dap is a statistics and graphics program, that performs data management, analysis, and graphical visualization tasks which are commonly required in statistical consulting practice. Dap was written to be a free replacement for SAS, but users are assumed to have a basic familiarity with the C programming language in order to permit greater flexibility. Unlike R it has been designed to be used on large data sets.

DAP (gene)

Death-associated protein 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the DAP gene.


DAP or Dap may refer to:

Usage examples of "dap".

She followed Dap into a small sitting room, in the center of which was a silver-hemisphered device standing waist high.

The feeling stayed with her as she crossed the room to where Dap was moving a pair of seats into the fringe of the glowing field.

And she glimpsed the woman Dap had rigged with, Deira, and his attraction and growing intimacy with her.

Jael shivered with envy, and with nervousness, because she sensed in Dap a sly querying interest toward her now.

Before she could even catch her breath, she was showering Dap with other visions.

In the dizzying energy of the dreamlink, she could sense that the link between Dap and herself was straining, like a fabric being pulled, stretched, torn.

She would put Dap behind her, as she had put all of the others behind her.

She would not be kept from it by Dap or by her fellow riggers or by what anyone thought of her father.

She drew her knees up under her chin, thinking of Dap, whom she had trusted.

She saw Dap coming to see her at the rigger school, he the senior, she the novice.

Dap looked exactly as Dap always had, handsome and mild-mannered and gentle.

And Jael started to hate him all over again now, as she saw the horror on his face, and she felt again the betrayal and abandonment as Dap shrank away from her.

Highwing sighed, and the image of Dap and the pale light vanished in a cloud of sparks.

Reaching into her pocket, she drew out the chain that Dap had given her on the day of her departure.

She thought of the rime with Dap, and how she had allowed her fears to ruin an innocent and beautiful experience.