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Dao (sword)

Dao are single-edged Chinese swords, primarily used for slashing and chopping. The most common form is also known as the , although those with wider blades are sometimes referred to as . In China, the dao is considered one of the four traditional weapons, along with the gun (stick or staff), qiang (spear), and the jian (sword). It is considered "The General of All Weapons".


Dao or Dão may refer to:

  • Tao (Chinese: "The Way" 道), a philosophical concept (cf. Taoism)
    • Dao (state), a historical state during the Zhou Dynasty
    • Dao (political) (Dào), historical political divisions in China translated as "circuits"
    • Dao (game), an abstract strategy game
    • DAO (album), a 1996 album by jazz saxophonist David S. Ware
  • Dao (sword) 刀, a type of Chinese sword
    • Dao (film), a film by Tsui Hark
  • Dracontomelon dao, a species of tropical canopy tree known as dao in Filipino
  • Yao people, a minority ethnic group of Vietnam
  • Dao (surname) (Đào), a Vietnamese surname
  • Dao (Dungeons & Dragons), a type of genie in the game Dungeons & Dragons
  • Dão (footballer) (born 1984), Brazilian football defender


  • Dao, Capiz, Philippines
  • Dao County, in Yongzhou, Hunan, China
  • Dão-Lafões Subregion, a region in Portugal
  • Dão DOC, a Portuguese wine region
  • Rio Dão, a river in Portugal
  • Barangay Dau, a village in Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines


  • The DAO (organization), a digital organization established in April 2016

DAO or D.A.O. may stand for:

  • D-amino acid oxidase, a peroxisomal enzyme
  • Data access object, a design pattern used in object-oriented software engineering
    • Jet Data Access Objects, a general programming interface for database access on Microsoft Windows systems
  • De-asphalted oil, a crude oil refinery process stream
  • Defence Acquisition Organisation, the former name of the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation
  • Defense Attaché Office (see military attaché), the office for military matters at embassies
  • Diamine oxidase, an enzyme involved in the metabolism of histamine
  • Distributed autonomous organization, an organization instantiated by a set of set of business rules, typically implemented as publicly-auditable open-source software distributed across a mesh-network of computers that each have a small stake in the outcome
  • Decentralized autonomous organization, a self-governing organization under the control of an incorruptible set of business rules
  • Disk-at-Once, a recording mode for optical discs
  • Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
  • Double action only, a trigger mechanism for semi-automatic firearms
  • Dragon Age: Origins, a 2009 video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts
Dao (game)

Dao is a two-player abstract strategy board game, which won the Mensa Select award in 2001. It comprises a 4x4 playing board with four playing pieces for each player.

The aim of the game is to arrange your pieces in certain winning formations before your opponent can. It is unique because any piece that is moving must move as far as it can.

It was invented by Ben VanBuskirk of Point Roberts, Washington, and Jeff Pickering of Monument, Oregon.

There are four different ways to win the game: one is by forming a 2x2 square with your four pieces, by forming a straight vertical or horizontal line with your four pieces, placing your four pieces in all four corners, and by having one of your pieces cornered by three of the opponents pieces.

Dão (footballer)

Dannyu Francisco dos Santos (born 28 October 1984), commonly known as Dão, is a Brazilian football defender who is currently a free agent following a spell with Piracicaba.

Dao (surname)

Đào is a Vietnamese surname previously written in chữ nôm. It is related to the Chinese surname Tao.

Dao (Dungeons & Dragons)

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the dao is a type of genie.

DAO (album)

DAO is an album by American jazz saxophonist David S. Ware recorded in 1995 and released on Homestead. In contrast with most of the quartet's previous albums, they didn't undergo the usual rigorous rehearsals for the recording, getting into the studio the day after the Oblations and Blessings sessions. DAO was the fitfh and last recording by the David S. Ware Quartet with drummer Whit Dickey, who would be replaced by Susie Ibarra.

Dao (state)

Dao was a Chinese vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1046 – 221 BCE) located in the southern part of Runan County, Henan. Dao existed in the shadow of the powerful neighbouring State of Chu which was held in check by the equally powerful State of Qi. Whilst Duke Huan of Qi remained alive as one of the Five Hegemons, Qi maintained friendly relations with Dao along with the other small states of Jiang , Huang and Bai amongst others. When the Duke died in 643 BCE, civil disorder broke out in Qi and the State of Chu seized the opportunity to expand their territory northwards. The inhabitants of Dao were resettled in a place called Jingdi until King Ping of Chu ascended the throne and restored Dao to its former territory. At some point Dao was finally exterminated by Chu although the time at which this occurred is currently unknown.

Usage examples of "dao".

Within an hour, Batman and Malibu were in the back of a jeep, bouncing down the dirt road toward the town of Chiang Dao, where a government station had been established to assist the hill tribes living on the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

Along with the recently departed Darrel Feight--William Tyson, Jennifer Gould, Elizabeth Dao, and Warren Laroux shared a devotion to rose breeding.

Warren Laroux joined the group about the same time as Betty Dao, six or eight years ago, pouring himself into roses with a passion after the death of his wife.

Laroux just north beyond the little store, Elizabeth Dao on the next road north and William Tyson one road south.

It was a question, Dao paused and inclined her head toward a half-open sliding glass door.

Andi watched Dao push her glass back and forth between opposing fingers.

Thoughts of Dao merged with thoughts of Gould and gradually fell aside until she was thinking only of Gould.

The possibility that Dao might not have any roses at all lingered in the back of her mind.

Kiong Dao Kanong carried a special reputation, however, a place where visitors to Thailand could glimpse a fragment of a largely vanished way of life, the floating markets of Thonburi.

The place, it turned out, was Chiang Dao Cave, normally a busy tourist site but deserted since the insurrection began.

Group Commander Dao Zhu Qingtong saw the Thai staging area first, a broad clearing several miles ahead.

Unfortunately, the Sparrow missiles already launched could not tell that Dao had broken off the engagement.

Sergeant Dao told Eldren and me to stay, and dismissed the rest of the platoon to clean up for supper.

Our stupid fighting had gotten us into enough trouble, and anyway Dao had broken our mutual hostility.

Sergeant Dao standing beside the main entrance to the assembly hall, and went over to him.