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This fourme and lybertye of writinge, and charge hathe taken vpon hym the Right excellent and worthy Mayster Sebastian Brant Doctour of both the Lawes and noble Oratour and Poete to the comon welthe of al people in playne and comon speche of Doche in the contrey of Almayne: to the ymytacion of Dant Florentyne: and Francis Petrarche Poetes heroycal which in their maternal langage haue composed maruelous Poemes and ficcions.

Danter, including ambrosia, will fall under the auspices of the Tholian Assembly.

Danter, when a typical senate meeting was marked with arguments, hostility, crosstalk, and very little sense of anything being accomplished .

Dant bourbon, TV dinner trays, a _Cavalier_ magazine with some of the ads clipped out, and pieces of a letter she'd taped together under a strong light.