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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I'm not surprised he's miserable, living in that dank old house.
▪ The air in the room was heavy and dank, and I couldn't sleep.
▪ The bag had been sitting in a dank tent for three days and smelled like an old laundry hamper.
▪ But the trees were tall firs, dripping wet with dank bracken underneath among the black trunks.
▪ During the daytime, the temperature would reach 106 degrees; at night the men shivered in their dank drawers.
▪ From seaside gazebos to dank concrete bunkers, the production design is brilliant.
▪ It is a pure sporting moment, a coach and his team huddled together on a dank night.
▪ Marie said, following Helen along the hallway with its familiar dank smell of musty horsehair and cedar and mothballs.
▪ The sound system crackles, the projector is faulty, the auditorium is dank and all but empty.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dank \Dank\, n. A small silver coin current in Persia.


Dank \Dank\, n. Moisture; humidity; water. [Obs.]


Dank \Dank\, a. [Cf. dial, Sw. dank a moist place in a field, Icel. d["o]kk pit, pool; possibly akin to E. damp or to daggle dew.] Damp; moist; humid; wet.

Now that the fields are dank and ways are mire.

Cheerless watches on the cold, dank ground.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, earlier as a verb (early 14c.), now obsolete, meaning "to moisten," used of mists, dews, etc. Perhaps from Scandinavian (compare Swedish dank "moist place," dänka "to moisten") or German (compare Middle High German damph, Dutch damp "vapor"). Now largely superseded by damp (adj.). Related: Dankness.

  1. 1 dark, damp and humid. 2 (context figuratively English) highly potent n. 1 Moisture; humidity; water. 2 A small silver coin formerly used in Persia. v

  2. (context obsolete intransitive English) To moisten, dampen; used of mist, dew et


adj. unpleasantly cool and humid; "a clammy handshake"; "clammy weather"; "a dank cellar"; "dank rain forests" [syn: clammy]


Dank may refer to:

  • Dank, Romania
  • Dank (musician) (21st century), American hip hop musician
  • Dank (surname), a surname
  • Dank (horse), a British-trained thoroughbred racehorse
  • Dank meme, another term for an Internet meme
Dank (surname)

Dank is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • David Dank (1938–2015), American politician
  • Odilia Dank (1938–2013), American politician
  • Ran Dank (born 1982), Israeli pianist
  • Sleep Dank (21st century), American rapper
Dank (horse)

Dank (foaled 6 March 2009) is a British Thoroughbred racehorse. She showed useful form in Europe as a three and four-year-old, winning the Atalanta Stakes, Dahlia Stakes and Kilboy Estate Stakes. The filly showed improved form when campaigned in the United States in the second half of 2013, winning the Beverly D. Stakes and the Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf and being voted American Champion Female Turf Horse.

Usage examples of "dank".

Adieu dan, mijn beste Elly, adieu dan: dank je nog duizend maal voor alles wat je voor me gedaan hebt.

Halott was gone, the tiger returned and chuffed once more and I followed it down a set of stairs, down through a laboratory of some kind, and on down into dank basements below, with water adrip, slime on the walls, and rats running everywhere.

A dank wind whipped up from the harbor as Alec and Micum rode up to the prison near the southern wall of the city.

So, added to steep, rocky drops, impassable by autobus, were the dank, muddy flats which only the hipp could traverse.

They hung Playboy Playmates on the wall, set up his hi-fi, with the tweed speaker covers, and his aquarium with the grow light and the bubbler, which imparted a chill, dank smell to the basement air.

The wind had dropped and the night air was tainted somewhat with the smell of the burning street lamps, but it was still cool and luxurious after the dank staleness that had pervaded the cellarage and which still clung to his clothes.

From Dunedin the Alert and her noisome crew had darted eagerly forth as if imperiously summoned, and on the other side of the earth poets and artists had begun to dream of a strange, dank Cyclopean city whilst a young sculptor had moulded in his sleep the form of the dreaded Cthulhu.

The huge, fieldstone fireplace smelled dank as it sat, waiting for the winter.

Together they cast a breedy scent like that arising from dank beds of galax, and it overpowered even the reek of the strange meat.

Only from the tennis-court building, in its secluded corner of the famous demesne, did gleams of gaslight faintly mitigate the dank, muffling vapour.

Herren, ich kenne Sie nicht, und Sie kennen meinen Vater nicht, wissen Sie, denn er ist schon lange durchgebrannt, und geht nicht beim Tage in einen Laden hinein, wissen Sie--und ich habe keinen Schwiegervater, Gott sei Dank, werde auch nie einen kriegen, werde uberhaupt, wissen Sie, ein solches Ding nie haben, nie dulden, nie ausstehen: warum greifen Sie ein Madchen an, das nur Unschuld kennt, das Ihnen nie Etwas zu Leide gethan hat?

Blue Duck and its hot dank club-y-ness may be the place to be when you are tall and trendy and your hearing is already shot, but for a short kidlet, big hair and loud noises bore, and the cigarillo smoke scratches.

Instead of being cast back at us from the dank wall, the lume of the lanthorn was lost in the gloom that opened around us.

Something about the tumult dulled my sense of individuality, and suddenly it seemed to me that I was no longer Richard Nason, but was indeed Jean Marie Claude Decourbes, and that I had truly been shut up in this dank and soursmelling prison since the year 1809.

I found myself once more in the dank oubliette facing the saddened vision of my dear great-aunt.