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Dani is a given name typically truncated from the name Danielle or Daniel.

Dani is also used as a family name of Chhetri cast group, basically, in Nepal and India.

Dani may refer to:

Dani (singer)

Danièle Graule ( Castres, 1 October 1944), known as Dani is a French actress and singer.

In 1966 she was contracted to Pathé-Marconi and released her first single Garçon manqué. In 1968 Papa vient d'épouser la bonne sold a million copies and was a major hit. Dani was meant to have been France's Eurovision Song Contest 1974 entry, but President Georges Pompidou died in the week of the competition, so she never entered Eurovision properly.

In cinema she has played the script-girl Liliane in François Truffaut's Day for Night and in the last Antoine Doinel-adventure Love on the Run a short-time-affair of Antoine, Christine's friend Liliane.

Dani (Glee)

Danielle ("Dani") was a recurring character in Glee. Dani was portrayed by actress and singer Demi Lovato. Dani’s main storylines was centred around her brief relationship with Santana Lopez. Dani made her first appearance in the second episode of the fifth season, Tina in the Sky with Diamonds.